Amsterdam, city of bicycles and bridges of the world! It is the capital and most important city of Netherlands Kingdom! Its population is about 840.000 inhabitants within the city, about 1.340.000 in the urban area and 2.435.000 in its metropolitan area . Its municipality area has approx. 220 km2. This city is situated in North Holland province in the side west of the country. It is one of the larger conurbations in Europe where live about 7.000.000 of people. Huge!

Amsterdam is considered the commercial capital of Netherlands and one of the top financial centres in Europe, where many important dutch companies have their “Headquarter” included “Philips” & “ING”.

If you haven´t gone to Amsterdam, you have to enjoy this amazing city!  Do not forget to visit these places: National Museum of Amsterdam, Museum of Van Gogh, Anna Frank house, Vondelpark, Jordaan neighborhood, Central Library, Amstelkring Museum, Museumplein, Heineken experience :), Herengracht channel, Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Artis Zoo, Rembrandt house Museum, Central Station, Bars & Clubs … carefully :), Museum of Bags & Purses ….. between many more! You will love these places, great experience without any doubt!


Amsterdam has one airport called “Amsterdam Airport Schiphol“. It is so important in Europe and it is located 20 minutes and approx. 15 km of the Amsterdam city. This international airport connects many other international airports, mainly in Europe and around the world. It is the home base for many intercontinental airlines like: KLM and others. This airport serves about 50 Millions of passengers per year and ranks as the 6th largest in term of traffic around the world.

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