“Gondolas” like “Diamonds” in this beautiful water city! Lovely place to feel real PEACE & LOVE!. Venice is the capital of the “Veneto region” and it is located in northeastern Italy. This city is comprised of a group of 117 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges! These small islands are situated in the Venetian Lagoon where lay down between the Po and the Piave rivers!

The Comune of Venice population is about 272.000 inhabitants, of whom approx. 60.000 live in the historic city, 176.000 in the mainland of Terraferma and the rest on the other islands in the lagoon. Its whole area is about 415 km2.

You will love visiting this city and their small islands! If you still haven´t gone to Venice, do not forget to visit these places: Venice Biennale, Grand Canal, Doges´palace, Saint Mark´s Basilica, St Mark´s square, La Fenice theater, Campanile di San Marco, St Mary of the Friars, Squola grande di San Rocco, San Giorgio Maggiore, Cannaregio, Historical center of Venice, Dei Frari Basilica, Ca´Rezzonico Palace, Santa María della Salute church, Torre dell´Orologio, Bridge of Sighs, Santi Giovanni e Paolo church, Museo di Storia Naturale and of course feel all these small islands in a lovely “Gondola”! … 🙂


Venice has one official international airport named “Venice Marco Polo Airport” on the shores of the lagoon. There is another nearby called “Treviso” which is used by “Ryanair”. Venice Marco Polo Airport is a fairly new airport, situated just on the mainland right side of the lagoon. It could take between 20 minutes and an hour to reach Venice city from the airport, depending on the different trasportation you use!

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